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History repeats itself

MCC partners with MSU to bring agricultural programs back to local students Fifty years ago, agriculture was one of the first programs offered at Montcalm Community College. However, due to low enrollments, agricultural classes were cancelled during

Then, Now, Always: 50 Years of MCC

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MCC Programs A-Z

Montcalm Community College has been providing our region’s families and employers access to quality higher education for nearly 50 years, with more than 100,000 learners served through credit courses, and career development and personal development noncredit courses

Kenric DeLong – MCC Social Science Instructor

As Montcalm Community College’s current longest-serving instructor, Kenric DeLong says he turned to teaching nearly 38 years ago because he wanted to share with others his passion for school, academia and learning. “My main goal as an

Danielle Anderson – MCC Nursing Instructor

Danielle Anderson recently returned to Montcalm Community College as its newest instructor. With nearly 10 years of teaching experience, she loves to help students learn about nursing. As an MCC alumna and former nursing student, Anderson says

MCC’s Performing Arts

Montcalm Community College’s Performing Arts Department is comprised of music and theater. It is led by Performing Arts Coordinator Valerie Vander Mark and Visual Arts Coordinator Carolyn Johnson. Music came into play on MCC’s campus in fall

Facts and Finds

MCC: A dream comes true At first, the thought of establishing a community college in Montcalm County was just that – a dream. The idea was put forth by a group of community-minded citizens who wanted to

John Peck – Tool and die

John Peck was among the first Greenville Tool and Die workers to earn a certificate at Montcalm Community College. Peck began working in a grocery store in eighth grade for 65 cents per hour. Learning that Greenville

Janet Ravell – Nursing

Janet Ravell was the first nursing student to transfer her credits to Montcalm Community College from another institution. In 1956, she married George Ravell and they started their family. Five years later, she attended Jacksonville Duval County