Alumnus attests that networking leads to a career

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Montcalm Community College challenged Alec Dakin to enhance his critical thinking skills and now he is the co-owner of SureShot Pest Control, LLC, in Greenville.

After high school, Dakin enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, which later prompted him to become a martial artist to help himself and others. A year later he attended Schoolcraft College in Livonia, worked at Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) and taught self-defense classes.

“I took up Krav Maga, Israeli Self Defense, and doors opened from there. I met a lot of great people and made a lot of connections,” he says.

However, Dakin wanted to be closer to home and returned to Greenville. During that time, he studied business at MCC. Upon returning to Livonia he attended Eastern Michigan University and Schoolcraft College, eventually returning to Greenville and picking up his studies at MCC.

“Skeptical on what career path to take, I thought a business degree would benefit me in any career I could pursue. At the time, I taught martial arts and realized that I communicate well with people. I was figuring out what it took to succeed in customer service,” he says.

Dakin is grateful for all of the lessons his MCC instructors taught him.

“Out of any college I attended, I have never been more challenged to think than at MCC,” he says. “Most MCC classes teach you how to use your mind, work in a team and think critically. I learned and applied more from MCC than from any other courses from anywhere else. It wasn’t just theory. I could turn it into a tangible product or service.”

While taking Civil War History with MCC Instructor Dallas Bell, he met Keith Swanson, who owns Integrity Martial Arts in Greenville. Dakin began to work for Swanson, teaching Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga.

Through networking within the business, he eventually met Paul Neal, owner of SureShot Pest Control.


Alec Dakin, co-owner of SureShot Pest Control

“We had a lot of the same business ideas. He also works for the State of Michigan, so he was trying to find someone he could trust to work with him. We work really well together and it’s hard to find someone like that in business,” he says.

As Dakin segued into a new career as SureShot co-owner in 2013, he realized that the concepts of business are the same in every industry.

“Business is a pretty easy concept if you really understand customer satisfaction and have integrity,” he says. “The basic concepts of business are understanding the product and how to work with the customer. At SureShot, we’re open and honest with our customers and employees. We always work in the most efficient way and ensure the lowest prices possible for our customers.

“In our industry, people usually need our services as soon as they call, regardless of economically hard times, and it’s a good feeling to know we can provide them with a solution,” he adds.

- Samantha Mack

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